Friday, August 08, 2003

Patrick Tam offers his views on the currently popular TV stars

[Oriental Daily]

Patrick Tam earlier signed with TVB for a year and immediately filmed "Sang Ming Tin See" (Angel of Life) with Kenix Kwok and then went on to film "Mo Ming Tin See 3D" (Nameless Angels 3D) with current popular females Charmaine Sheh and Sonija Kwok as well as little flower Shirley Yeung; the top male position within TVB was well in his grasp until the return of Michael Tao, who was a strong competitor against him. When interviewed, Patrick mentioned the other popular leads at the moment such as Steven Ma and Moses Chan and also says that Michael is not an enemy...

After returning to TVB and taking on the lead role in two series, Patrick admits he would like to reach new heights with his career, but he doesn't want to battle against Michael for the top spot. Patrick laughs that he is a legless duck who likes to keep flying here and there until he is happy. If by being on the top spot means he has to spend 365 days a year in the same cage, then he'd rather not do it! (Is Michael strong enough competition for you?) Patrick replies that he is not competition but a friend and he has no intention of fighting against him for anything. The most important thing is to be happy with yourself and knowing where to take your work to.

Although Patrick isn't too bothered about being the number 1, he has an intention of strutting his stuff in the showbiz scene and as well as filming series and movies, he has recently signed with a record company and will be showing off his musical talents once again with a new album due at the end of the year.

Time flies as Patrick has been in showbiz for nearly 14 years and can be classed as a "senior" to the new generation of stars, to his successors, Patrick has the following words: "Steven Ma would be better with less rumours, but a lot of this is beyond his control." As for Moses Chan, he has only praises: "He and I are good friends, from before he was famous to after he found fame he has been the same, he is very optimistic and I think this is what has brought him his success." As for "flirt queen" Charmaine Sheh, he says candidly: "She really is quite cute, but I am quite an accommodating person, as that makes everything more comfortable." As for Sonija, Patrick says she is an externally gentle but internally strong person and she is very obstinate.


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