Sunday, August 24, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Upon Michael Tao's return to TVB, he has been filming for Mui Siu Ching's new show "Ching Chu Yu Nam" (From Blue Grows Green), where he plays a new age teacher who tries to dress up young to fit with his girlfriend in the show Shirley Yeung. Michael laughs that he is very thankful to Siu Ching for giving him the honour of being paired up with 24 year old Shirley. [Em's note: Shirley is 25 now!] Michael says: "I could be her father!". Because of the difference in their ages, they have had to put some thought into his appearance and wearing a light shirt and jeans, Michael certainly looks a lot younger.

Michael and Shirley have been filming on location in a bowling alley with a group of 'students' such as Chiu Chung Yu and Chow Wing Hang and the story tells of the time before Michael has started to date Shirley and these playful students are continuously creating opportunities for them both.

However the most exciting thing for the artistes is having a chance to play tenpin bowling for free so if they aren't needed on set, they can have a few games, among them the clumsiest player is Shirley but this may be because she has just worked through the night and is too tired. As she holds the bowling ball, she seems to be quite weak and keeps dropping it, but luckily she hasn't injured her toes, but has scared the others a few times.

That day was the first time that Michael had met the students, but there is no generation gap between them as he quickly got to know them all. Among them the one who left him with the deepest first impression was "Ah Yu" Chiu Chung Yu because he had read many articles in the past about her being cheeky, but after getting to know her, he feels that she has a lot of talent and potential.

Ah Yu was very happy after hearing Michael's praises and she believes she will learn a lot from him, especially how he can play in depth with them before filming but as soon as the cameras are rolling he is very serious and she respects him a lot for this.


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