Tuesday, August 05, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

The twelve finalists for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant appeared at Luk Fook Jewellers yesterday to try on some jewellery and among them Number 7 Stephanie Wang Chung Hei and Number 18 Selena Lee Sze Wan were the lucky ones chosen to model the runners up prizes of multicoloured precious stone necklaces worth about HK$20,000 (US$2,500) each. Former Miss Hong Kong winner Pauline Yeung certainly has her eye on double award winner in the semi-final Selena as she helped her to put on the 2nd runner up necklace, she commented: "This may not be the one she will wear, she might be the winner." When she found out that Selena had her eye on a Jade Buddha Palm as a present for her father, she immediately picked up the calculator and changed the price from $11,628 down to $6,888 but Selena didn't take up the offer, saying that she wants to bring her father to choose and only buy it if he likes it.

When it was mentioned that Pauline has confidence that she has the chance to wear the winner's necklace, Selena smiled: "That's great, thank you. I don't have that confidence, because all along I haven't thought about winning or getting into the top three, I only want to finish enjoying myself and I will be happy." Stephanie Wong was also lucky enough to try on the runner up necklace and when asked whether she had the confidence that she would be able to "step up", she says: "Yes, but I will have to see how my performance goes." Apart from this, Pauline who flew back from America especially for the occasion laughed that she had been mistaken for Pauline Yam by an old man, suggesting it may be because they share the same English name."


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