Monday, August 04, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Last year's Miss Hong Kong winners will soon be handing over their roles and of these, Tiffany Lam, Victoria Jolly and Cerina De Graca have all been promoted by TVB in the last year, with the obedient Tiffany gaining the favour of many a producer who have offered her series, however she has refused them.

It turns out that Tiffany has decided to leave behind the glitz and glamour of showbix and will return to San Francisco to complete her university studies and so as not to impose further on her mother, she will be helping to look after the family business.

Also, Victoria Jolly also has an intention to leave, despite taking on a heavy role in the new series "Sam Fong Sam Yuk Juk Gor Juk" (Chasing Hearts). She is still considering leaving showbiz and completing the remaining two years of study she has left in England. Victoria says: "I haven't yet made my final decision, although the company has given me a lot of opportunities, my Cantonese isn't perfect and this will have its limitations. I don't really want to leave because I think acting is so much fun and I can learn so much from it. There have been times where I have gone 30 hours without sleep, but I am still very happy. I am waiting for my mother and father to return from holiday in Thailand so we can discuss what to do because I don't want to regret it." As for the departure of good friend Tiffany, Victoria says that she had discussed the topic with the other Miss HK and no matter what she decides, Victoria will still support her.

As for Cerina De Graca, she has decided to stay and progress in Hong Kong because she admits she is very interested in showbiz: "I quite like work in front of the camera and despite all the gossip and rumours, I am getting used to it. (Do you know that Tiffany has decided to leave and Victoria is considering it?) I didn't know, I haven't spoken to them about it. (Will that mean you have less competition?) I'm not in competition with them, I don't think I am in competition with anyone, I just do my own work. (Do you think it's a shame they are leaving?) The only sad thing is that my friends will be moving away, but no matter what happens we will keep in touch."


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