Monday, August 04, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Joey Yung has recently finished filming for TVB's "Mei Lai Joi Mong" (Not Just a Pretty Face), which will soon be airing and to promote this, TVB arranged for it to be shown during the period of her concert.

After the recent ICAC investigations, the matter of singers filming series in exchange for awards has been quite sensitive and with Joey gaining a newcomers award after filming "San Sin Yan" (The Green Hope), does she think that "Beauty" will have an effect on this year's award results? Joey responds by saying: "I don't think so, am I going to waste a good script just because I am afraid of this suspicion? That would be a great injustice to myself. I make series not to gain awards, but to learn another skill... (But this is quite sensitive at the moment?) Actually people will talk about anything, if they don't show it there will be things said, if the show is good, then the audience won't care too much about anything else."


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