Friday, August 08, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

It was Shirley Yeung's birthday yesterday and she took part in TVB's August birthdays party. When it was mentioned that there are reports that she rarely treats her colleagues and this has caused the displeasure of her colleagues on the set of "Mo Ming Tin See 3D" (Nameless Angels 3D) when she was refused the treat from other stars such as Charmaine Sheh and Timmy Hung. When Shirley heard this, she displayed a frown and said: "I don't want to talk about this, I am new in the industry and there are certain things I don't know about, like I don't know when to offer 'treats', but afterwards I did treat the crew. (Did they accept?) I didn't notice, I only know that the crew are working very hard in the hot weather."

Apart from this, as Shirley enters her 25th year, she says that she is starting to get old and she has now entered another stage in her life. When asked whether she would be spending her birthday with rumoured boyfriend Gregory Lee, the birthday girl said: "He has already called me to wish me a happy birthday, I know he is working at the moment, so I don't know if he has bought me a present."


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