Monday, August 04, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Felix Wong left TVB because he didn't agree with some of their procedures. As for their recent actions against Cable, Felix feels that this is very reflective of the Hong Kong people's morality of selfishness, however from the point of view of TVB, they have done nothing wrong because they have the power to do this and get away with it.

Felix took part in his old friend Eddie Cheung's slimming products company promotional event yesterday and indicated that compared to the past, TVB have loosened up a lot: "In the past, if TVB wanted to kill your career, they killed it. If they wanted to freeze you then they froze you. If you are disobedient then you stood to one side. Of the five tigers in those days, I was the first casualty."

He reveals that TVB wanted him to shave his head to film "Hui Juk Wo Sheung" but because he had just filmed another show requiring this, he refused. As a result, TVB would not let him film a movie that later fell into the hands of Andy Lau and he was forced to shave his hair anyway. From what he says things were not plain sailing: "Apart from me, Andy Lau, Miu Kiu Wai and Tong Chan Yip were all frozen because of contractual problems and Andy was frozen for almost a year, resorting to bit parts."

After all the negative reactions from this incident, Felix thinks that TVB should make some changes and learn from Taiwan's 'no contract principle' and only ask for true talent from their artistes. However because of the high ratings that TVB commands, Felix thinks it will be a long time before these traditions can be broken.


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