Monday, August 18, 2003

[Oriental Daily]

Bobby Au Yeung, Kenix Kwok, Chow Wing Hang and Cerina De Graca were filming at a school in Ho Man Tin yesterday for TVB's new series "Ching Chu Yu Nam" (From Blue Grows Green) and having left school life a long time ago, Kenix told that although she was the prettiest girl in the school, her family were quite strict and she only tasted first love at the age of 18, she reveals: "At the time, my family were very strict and if a boy called me, my dad would ask a lot of questions. However, I felt that I ought to concentrate on my studies, so I left dating until I completed high school and just secretly admired someone. I knew that there were boys then who admired me as well, but we were all guessing really and it was quite exciting." As for the currently rather chubby Bobby, he says that he used to be the sports champion at school and he used to represent the school in athletics, soccer and basketball and was loved by the teachers.


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