Wednesday, August 13, 2003

More fun on the set of "Fan Li Fa"

It is hard work filming an ancient costume drama in the height of summer, take this day for example where the cast are filming an execution scene as Sit Yan Gwai (Shek Sau)'s family are sentenced to death and some of the cast members have to kneel for most of the day in the sun. Luckily as K-100's hosts come to visit them and hand over some "lucky packets" to Jessica Hsuan and Joe Ma, who generously donate this to buy in some cold drinks for everyone to enjoy.

There are often many rumours of arguments and conflicts between artistes filming a series, but there has been none of this during the filming of this show. In fact they are always looking out for each other and seem like one big happy family, even looking in from outside, you can see how close they all are - just look at the pictures to prove this.

* When they see the lovely cool drinks, all the artistes are excited.
* On the day of filming, the sun is blazing hot, but luckily there are a few corners where there is a shade so before they are needed on set, the cast sit together for a chat and catch a bit of a break.
* As Power Chan holds up the umbrella, he shades Jess and Joe as well making sure they share the load.
* So Jess returns the favour as Power helps girlfriend Mimi Lo with her costume and holds the umbrella to shade them.
* Cindy holds the mini fan up, but it isn't turned towards herself but towards Joe, now if they weren't good friends, she wouldn't do this, but mind Roger doesn't get jealous!

In this scene, Shek Sau [his character] and his family have been sentenced to death after the plot of some enemies, but luckily Joe and Jessica arrive at the execution ground and enter into fight with the duke, played by Kong Hon.

* Joe and Jessica arrive to the rescue and start to fight against Uncle Kong Hon.
* From the left: Mimi Lo, Ching Ho Wai, Shek Sau, Cindy Au and Lee Ka Sing have to kneel all day under that hot sunshine - such hard work!
* Kong Hon suddenly loses his mind and lunges for the emperor.
* Luckily, Power rushes forward to protect him from the sabre. Wow! How brave!
* Oh! It turns out that Power has a special protective armour in his suit.
* Despite wearing protective pads, kneeling all day is very tiring, and both of Cindy's knees are all red.

With location filming every day it is easy to become a roast pig! Just as Mimi and Jessica are crying out that they have gained a dark tan, Cindy doesn't seem to have darkened at all. "Actually I have tanned a little, but it isn't very obvious and I have to wear a darker shade of foundation because looking too pale on screen isn't so good, so I have to adjust the colouring. I have a special way of keeping my skin pale and that is sleeping, because as long as I have enough sleep, my skin tone will lighten, I don't know why, but if I don't get enough sleep I will get dark." For all you pale skin lovers, why not give Cindy's method of "Sleep Whitening" a try!

[TVB Weekly 22/07/03]

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