Tuesday, August 19, 2003

[Ming Pao]

TVB's new series "Fei Chui Yan Sang" (Jade Destiny) was filming yesterday in Happy Valley Cemetary where Flora Chan and Kevin Cheng were paying their respects to the grave of Damian Lau's character and his daughter. It turns out that even though he wasn't involved in the scene, Damian also appeared at the cemetary and against any superstitions, he had his photo taken next to his 'grave'. Damian laughs that you cannot be superstitious in acting, but is afraid that his mum might scold him if she finds out.

He reveals that in the seventies whilst he was still in the Lai Dik training classes filming "Nin Ching Yan" (Young Person) there was a scene where he had to grieve for a dead father and take the ashes onto a plane, he forgot whether he asked the director for a lucky packet or not, but a week after the show was aired, his own father passed away. He feels that this is rather creepy and daren't tell his mother about this. However, if he has to film any show in the future where the mother passes away, he will always remember to get a lucky packet off the director.

After Flora finishes filming "Jade" she will be heading out for a promotional show in Thailand with Gallen Lo before coming back to start a new series with Roger Kwok. This is the first time they have worked together and her biggest challenge is that her character will be confined to a wheelchair. She has already started to learn how to move around and up and down stairs on a wheelchair. She has had many opportunities to work with TVB's male stars and says that when she worked with Francis Ng in "Chung Seung Wan Siu" (Triumph in the Skies) she found him to be the most absorbed in his role. She also says that she was once a guest in Andy Lau's concert and hopes that she will have the chance to film with him.


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