Thursday, August 21, 2003

[Ming Pao]

Sonija Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Shirley Yeung and Patrick Tam were filming for "Nameless Angels 3D" in Sai Wan Pier yesterday in a scene where Patrick is held hostage by Shek Sau and as police officers, the three girls have to rescue him.

With recent rumours alleging that Sonija has bought a new home for $6.8 million and paid to move in with her currently jobless boyfriend Deric Wan, Sonija responded: "I haven't seen this report, I have moved house but I am living with my mum, what the report is saying is not the truth and this is in the hands of my lawyers." Was your boyfriend angry when he saw the report? "No, he wasn't angry. We wouldn't read this magazine anyway and will not take any notice." Sonija points out that her boyfriend is very busy and not jobless like the report alleges: "I don't care how much money he makes though."


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