Thursday, August 07, 2003

[Ming Pao News]

With reports that Hacken Lee has been the targets of some complaints after a slip of the tongue at the Miss Hong Kong semi-final resulted in the broadcast of some impolite slang, he responded to this yesterday, saying that he didn't know that he couldn't say "Bau Gong" [Em: this is an impolite slang word meaning bleeding] on the show and only when the producer mentioned it afterwards was he aware. Hacken says that when he used to hear the football reports on the radio as a kid, he often heard injuries referred to in this way. He doesn't understand why he couldn't say it, but he says that he will be more careful in the future. Ever since the last time he was accused of using impolite language he has already been careful with his words and he will not let this affect his confidence as a show host. Learning from one's mistakes, he hopes that during the commentary of tonight's Real Madrid football match that no-one will be injured otherwise he might say the wrong thing again.


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