Wednesday, August 13, 2003

[Ming Pao News]

Myolie Wu has been linked in rumours that she is living with Sammul Chan and also had reports that her private life is rather open and besides having a boyfriend outside the industry, there have been rumours linking her with Francis Ng, Raymond Lam and an assistant director.

Yesterday, Sammul Chan appeared at an RTHK promotion and was asked about these rumours. Firstly he clarified the rumour about the co-habitation, explaining that he and Myolie live in the same apartment block and are neighbours. He says that Myolie moved into the block first before him and when he was looking for a new home at the beginning of the year, he was introduced to this apartment by Lee Shing Chak. As this area is lucky for artistes and seeing that Myolie's progress has been quite good since moving in, they became neighbours.

When asked whether living so close to her would be an advantage in pursuing her, Sammul points out that Myolie already has a boyfriend who cannot read Chinese and he will not become the third party. He admits that he has good vibes from her and they have a good interaction, so if she didn't have a boyfriend, he would consider their chances together. As for the news that she has had five rumours in one year linking her to other men, Sammul says this is just down to Myolie's friendly nature creating a good atmosphere to work in.

Sharon Chan has worked with and will be working with Myolie in the future and in response to this negative press, she says that Myolie is not the flirtatious type. She finds Myolie very sweet and she does not believe at all the rumours about her many boyfriends. Myolie herself is currently working abroad, so she wasn't available for comment.


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