Wednesday, August 06, 2003

[Ming Pao News]

The Miss Hong Kong 2003 Pageant has a "Diamond Skin Award" and this was judged by Moses Chan, Cerina de Graca and Leung Chi San. This award was presented yesterday to its winner, Number 2 Mandy Cho Man Lai.

When she received the well wishes of the other contestants, there were rumours that Mandy seemed so happy as though she had already won the competition, when asked about this, she said with much confidence that this was a preview of how happy she would be if she won.

Judge Leung Chi Shan had only good words for Mandy as she said that her score was miles ahead of the other contestants and she won by a landslide. She says that she has very fine and good condition skin that is very natural and she certainly looks like a winner. When asked for an opinion on previous award winner Number 18 Selena Lee Sze Wan, she says she prefers Mandy because her beauty is very non conflicting. Moses and Cerina both agreed that Mandy has the smoothest skin.

Miss Photogenic Selena Lee has had some reports written about her family background, mentioning that her businessman father has been pulling in votes for her from the business community and that his business has previously been investigated by the ICAC. She says that she has already anticipated the negative reports, but she hopes that the media will leave her family alone.


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