Wednesday, August 06, 2003

[Ming Pao News]

Belinda Hamnett is hot property after her slimming success and has gained praise from all around. By popular request, she appeared again on TVB's slimming special programme but her appearance in sexy clothing was rejected many times by the director, leaving her rather helpless.

At first, Belinda wanted to appear in a black T-back seethrough dress, but the producer Ho Siu Wai stopped her by saying it was too seductive. So she changed into a super mini skirt to show off her long legs, but this was again rejected by the director, who was afraid that it might slip out of place and reveal a bit too much so finally she had to change into a different dress. Finally she appeared in a tie-around bikini to walk on the beach like the beauty queens, but the director was once again afraid that there wasn't enough cloth, so a thin scarf was used to cover certain parts whilst filming.


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