Friday, August 29, 2003

[Ming Pao]

New Miss Hong Kong winner Mandy Cho was rehearsing for her MC role in the children's song award ceremony yesterday together with Lydia Shum, Ander Jen and Edwin Siu. She smiled: "At te moment I am still not used to being a host but it's still quite relaxed." Working with the strict Lydia, is she quite nervous? She says: "Not at all, Lydia is very serious about her work but not too strict. When I make mistakes she will help me." Some say she will scold people, Mandy continues: "If I make a mistake it is a good thing to have help from the other person." When asked whether her lines were hard to memorise, Mandy laughs that she has memorised over half of them now. However, later Lydia praised Mandy, saying that she is quite smart and had learned the dance after one rehearsal.


[The Sun]

The five Miss HK award winners, Mandy Cho, Rabee'a Yeung, Priscilla Chik, Selena Lee and Carrie Lee appeared at "Sau San Tong" to claim their prizes yesterday and boss Shirley Cheung Yuk San revealed that she had selected two that she would like to sign as spokesperson for her company. She says: "I am thinking of seeking winner Mandy Cho, but this is early stages as yet. (Will the spokesperson have to wear a bikini?) This will have to be discussed with TVB." Reports are that the runners up don't quite make the mark, but receiving the award for best figure, Carrie Lee is the other selection.

In response to being picked by the boss, Mandy says modestly: "I am very happy but I haven't had notice yet! (Are you afraid you have to be sexy?) I have worn a bikini already! Also if it is done through TVB it won't be too sexy so I have faith in them." As for Carrie Lee, she admits she doesn't mind a bit of sexiness: "As long as it's a healthy sexy image!"


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