Monday, August 11, 2003

[Ming Pao]
The Miss Hong Kong finalists took part in a Beach Volleyball competition organised by Hong Thai Travel yesterday at Tuen Mun's Gold Coast and caused quite a stir among the swimmers. Number 7 Stephanie Wang and Number 20 Priscilla Chik also experienced some jeers from the audience.

Before the competition, there was already a group of construction workers who crowded round to get the best viewpoint, then some tattooed bathers joined in the shouting with Stephanie and Priscilla the most popular, but also subjected to some heckling.

Stephanie was happy to receive the support from so many people and says this has boosted her confidence. Priscilla says she didn't hear the jeers and harsh nickname she was given saying: "It can't be helped if I am in the public eye! They are just joking." Also Number 11 Rabee'a Yeung was selected to film a Hong Thai travel special and was very happy with this.

Also, whilst touring the winner's house earlier with Morning Star, they took part in a key drawing competition where Number 10 Ivy Tam picked out the right key and won $5000 of vouchers, when she won she seemed happier than if she had won the contest!


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