Saturday, August 16, 2003

[Ming Pao]

Joey Yung and Roger Kwok's new series "Mei Lai Joi Mong" (Not Just A Pretty Face) will begin airing on Monday and yesterday a group of the stars appeared in their orange t-shirts to promote the show in a shopping centre. Although all the pretty girls such as Belinda Hamnett, Victoria Jolly and Margaret Chung all had adaptations to their t-shirts, they were no match for the only one not in orange who was Joey. Even Roger with his recent popularity agreed on stage that Joey was the nucleus of the show.

Although it is unknown as to whether this series will be as popular as "Ngong Fu Sing Lung" (Square Pegs), Joey is still full of confidence for the series and she says that if the ratings go over 42 points, she will wear feathers to perform in Times Square and do somersaults in her concert, however she will not be wearing bikinis like other female stars for good ratings. After playing an ugly girl, she laughs that if "Not Just A Pretty Face" films a prequel or sequel, she does not mind being fat and ugly once more.

With the success of "Square Pegs", Roger hopes that this series will create even better results and beat "Ah Wong". He will soon start filming with his idol Kiki Sheung Tin Ngor and also Flora Chan in a new series. He laughs that although Kiki is around the same age as him, she will be playing his mother and this goes to show what a great actor she really is.


[Oriental Daily] - additional

Roger says that in September, he will be filming a new series that will be a time-travelling version of "Sai Yuen Luk" (Witness to a Prosecution) where he and Flora Chan will be the main leads, but the strangest thing will be that Kiki Sheung will be playing his mother. He reveals that Seung was his idol before he entered the industry because he watched her on "Nung Bun Dor Ching" and was captivated by her and he cannot believe that his idol for so many years will become his mother! Roger laughs that this will be another breakthrough character for her and he is pleased that she can carry this.

Also, Joey Yung is very nervous about the airing of this show, and she has instructed her mum not to go out and to record the show for her "without adverts". Joey admits she has a great expectation from the show and she hopes that they will make a sequel or prequel. Although filming series is hard work, she doesn't mind doing it again.



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