Saturday, August 02, 2003

[Ming Pao]

Hacken Lee recently had his fortune read by Stephanie Che who told him that September would be a good month for his income. When he heard this, he was very happy because to get married, he needs to make money , so this is his priority at the moment. When it was suggested that he would be paying more tax if his income goes up, he laughs: "I don't earn as much as Alan Tam, to put it modestly I have earned a little more than last year, but at the moment I am just sowing the seed." When he had his fortune read, was he thinking about Miss Lo? Hacken immediately pretended not to understand, responding with: "Who?"

When it was mentioned that TVB will probably arrange for him to appear at the kickoff ceremony when Real Madrid play Hong Kong, Hacken says that he has not been contacted about this, but if he has the chance to stand on the same turf as Beckham, he will be very happy indeed.

Edmond Leung appeared in his "schoolboy" look at the event and looked extremely innocent. Hesays that this is his Form 5 uniform and all this time his figure has not changed. Edmond says he is pleased that his fortune tells that his relationship with his girlfriend will be steady as he hopes to get married when he is 35. When asked whether he was thinking of his girlfriend when he had his fortune read, he said that at first he was thinking about a football player, then he thought about his girlfriend.


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