Saturday, August 02, 2003

[Ming Pao]

Flora Chan appeared at the Hong Kong book fair yesterday at Hong Kong's Exhibition and Convention Centre at a signing session, together with Bowie Lam, of the novel version of "Miu Sau Yan Sum" (Healing Hands) that was very popular with over 200 fans queuing up for an autograph.

In response to the news of former co-star William So's marriage break up, Flora says that she isn't very clear about it and he didn't mention it when she called him last week. Flora talks from her own experiences as she says: "At first, the path will be a hard one to pass, but they are both optimistic people and they will deal with this properly; they are both good people and everyone cares for them, I am sure that they will both find their happiness in the future." Bowie Lam indicated that he doesn't really know William that well and having just returned from Japan, he only heard about this from Flora.

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