Thursday, August 28, 2003

[Ming Pao]

Filming took place earlier for TVB's new big prize quiz show hosted by Cheng Dan Shui called "Wang So Chin Gam" (Sweep up the Gold) and the first show guests included Bowie Lam, Kwong Wa and Myolie Wu. In the past, Myolie has won in similar game shows and she joked beforehand that if she won again she would retire from game shows because it's lonely at the top! However, Myolie's wish didn't come true in the end as Bowie took the big prize.

Also, in his capacity as many years of MC at the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Ah Dan commented on Nat Chan's display of swimwear at this year's contest giving rise to some complaints: "If TVB have designed it and Nat is willing to wear it, then it shouldn't be too big a problem."


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