Monday, August 18, 2003

[Ming Pao]

Cast members from TVB's new show "Mei Lai Joi Mong" (Not Just A Pretty Face) Roger Kwok, Tiffany Lam and Belinda Hamnett took part in a radio interview yesterday. In the show, Roger will not only have emotional dealings with Joey Yung, but he also pursues Tiffany and is attacked unsuccessfully in one scene by Belinda. Roger indicated that he will be watching the first episode with his girlfriend. At the beginning of the year, Roger said that if "Ngong Fu Sing Lung" got good results he would be passing out lucky packets, and this resulted in him having to pay out. When asked whether he will vow to marry Cindy Au if this show does well, he laughs that he daren't make this promise because this will be tempting fate. As for plans to film a sequel for "Square Pegs", Roger says that he is not against this, but if there is additional pressure on the ratings, this will overshadow the message of fun that Ah Wong brings.

Belinda will soon be filming another set of slimming commercials after her previous shell shaped bikini caused a stir. She laughs that this time it may be a cockle shell covering her up. In fact, her target audience this time will be the OL's (Office Ladies) and because the business community will not need her to be too sexy, so the ad will concentrate on the side of beauty.

Earlier, Roger travelled on a TVBI promotion together with Anne Heung, Yoyo Mung and Winnie Yeung to Malaysia, but he was not overshadowed by the girls as he created the most atmosphere of them all at the event.


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