Thursday, August 14, 2003

[Ming Pao] and [Oriental Daily]

Louis Koo's music special "Yuen Fan Ga Fe Sat" (Destiny Coffee Shop) will be broadcast on TVB Jade tomorrow and he has invited a group of good friends including Angelica Li, Lam Suet, Lily Lei, Tony Leung, Miriam Yeung, Edwin Siu and Eason Chan to help him promote it. During filming, Louis was quite nervous and often would personally give the directions. When Lily was playing the rough tomboy character, he was giving her instructions on how to go about it.

In response to being labelled "inspector", Louis asks not to be referred to in this way as he was just offering some advice. As the director and the guests weren't very accustomed, he played host on the set to help relax the atmosphere. When Lily was playing the tomboy, Louis taught her actions such as to 'prop up her leg' and 'rub her toes'. As for working with best actress Angelica Li, he admits he felt the pressure because she gives him a feeling of professionalism.

There is a special part in the special for Leung Ching Kei, the daughter of TVB's Deputy Chief of Productions Leung Ka Shu. As Louis has always been dubbed Leung's 'godson', getting special treatment from TVB and this time with the chance to work with his daughter shows the little extra has been put in for Louis.

Angelica points out that Louis gives a very cool image but after getting to know him, she finds him quite playful and witty. She says that after being awarded Best Actress, she has had many advertising proposals and she has shot four so far. When asked how much money she earned, she laughed that it is enough to live from so as far as her next film, she can wait for a good role before she takes it up. When asked whether she has confidence that her performance in "20.30.40" will gain her best actress in the Golden Horse Awards, she says that as there are three main actresses in the film, the chances will be low.


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