Saturday, August 23, 2003

[Ming Pao]

Amidst rumours about their relationship, Sammul Chan and Myolie Wu were among the guests at a public activity yesterday and as Myolie accepted an award on the stage, the MC joked about her relationship and she was met with boos from Sammul's fans in the audience. However Myolie helped to clear the air a little by saying that the rumours are not true.

Myolie and Sammul did not seem awkward as they appeared together at the event and were also not worried that the fans would be angry. They have been handling the situation carefully, even when they met in the car park by chance, they split up and entered separately so that the fans would not get the wrong idea. Myolie says: "My boyfriend trusts me a lot, saying that the more people who pursue me, the more it proves I am pretty." Although her boyfriend doesn't know Sammul, Myolie says she will introduce the two if she gets a chance.

With Sammul about to set up his fan club, he is not worried that the fans will not be happy about the rumours and he is not dating anyone anyway. Will he reveal his love affairs? Sammul says: "It depends, if she is not from the entertainment circles, then I need to protect her like I do with my family."


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