Thursday, August 21, 2003

[Ming Pao]

After taking the awards for "Miss Photogenic" and "Slimmed Beauty" in last year's Miss Hong Kong Contest, Cerina De Graca has been invited to become spokesperson for a slimming company an has been filming her advertisement with renowned photographer CK.

In the ad, Cerina will be appearing riding a horse and at one point the horse became quite moody, but luckily they finished without any hitches. As well as this, the changeable weather has also been a problem as Cerina says: "Whilst filming it was like we were in competition with the weather, we needed it to look good as well as complete the shooting quickly so it was quite a challenge for the photographer." Because the location was in the countryside, Cerina had previously prepared her mosquito repellant but was still unable to get away without any mosquito bites.


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