Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Michael Tao has returned to TVB after six years away and at the costume tryout for new show "Ching Chu Yu Nam" (From Blue Grows Green) and a chemical reaction instantly takes place when he meets with Bobby Au Yeung as their laughter could be heard from the make up room. When it was mentioned that Michael has returned to TVB's "Number 1" position, Bobby jokes that he wonders whether Number 1 or Number 9 is bigger because he is often told off by crew members for putting on the stance of "Gau Gor" (Big Brother Number 9). Kenix joins with the photocall with Bobby and Michael and laughs: "I have both the number 1 and number 9 to my sides, that's everything I need."

Bobby has worked together with Michael many times and he feels that it is fate that has brought him such a great co-star, working well and having a good chat together, they are very good friends in real life and there will be little chance of fighting for screentime. As for TVB's recent shortage of male leads, Bobby returns the question: "Am I not a male lead? I am the evergreen tree - evergreen male lead. There are many types of male lead roles, like you have A, B and C variety of breakfasts, do you want sausages or egg?" So is Bobby a sausage or an egg? He laughs as he replies: "I am a sausage and two eggs, definitely fill you up, not tasteless and you know where you're going after eating it." Are you hinting that someone doesn't know where they are going? Bobby says that he is not hinting at anyone and justice is in the heart.

Michael's feelings are very great about returning to he parent company as he describes the original TVB studios as "wooden house" era, then moving to TVCity was the "Mid Levels" and not they have moved into "Luxury Home" at Tseung Kwan O's Broadcast City. He says: "This time coming back to a new place and new people it is a very fresh feeling, it's like I am a newcomer again, but one with some experience." In the show, he will be playing a teacher and will have an affair with student admirer Chiu Chung Yu. Also he will pursue Shirley Yeung and also become involved in a triangular affair with Kenix and Bobby, at the moment, they don't know whether Bobby will win the fight for Kenix's affections.

Kenix says that with the "Twin Jokers" Bobby and Michael around, she will be prepared for some improvised laughter at any time, she says: "Even before starting they are like this, if the show didn't have Bobby, the destructive power wouldn't be so great, I really can't bear to think about it. As for Michael, I haven't worked with this old flame for seven years, but I still feel very affectionate with him. When I saw Michael having a photo taken with Shirley before it brought back some memories, because way back in the days of "Catwalk Chiu Kai Yan" he was like a big brother showing me the ropes."

Chiu Chung Yu will be playing a student and with the public exam results being released today, she remembers her own results four years ago when she only got 7 points, she says that the poor results were due to her not trying her best and she regrets this a lot. When asked how she relieved pressure before the results day, she says she would go to Karaoke with her friends, go shopping and go to watch Andy Lau in concert. Shirley Yeung also reckons that one set of results is not everything and as long as you work hard and don't give up then you will achieve results.


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