Saturday, August 16, 2003

Many stars took part at the Gourmet Exposition in Hong Kong to promote their representative food products and Nancy Sit was there to promote her mooncake sponsors. This time the bakery has used her "Mama Nancy" as a speciality and attracted the attention of many cuisine hunters, Nancy worked hard signing autographs in return. She revealed that what made her happiest was all the children calling her Mama because she felt this was very warm. As for her remuneration for this promotion, Nancy says she is very pleased because she has made quite a packet.

When Nancy arrived there was a big crowd of food fans who she attracted and among these were some kids who called out to her "Mama!" making Nancy very happy indeed. When asked how much the bakery were paying her, Nancy revealed that she has signed a contract that doesn't take into account the amount of cakes sold. When asked whether the fee reached seven figures, she smiled: "More than that!", showing she is making a fair wage.

In order to thank her supporters, Nancy worked hard at the scene and signed autographs for them. As spokesperson, Nancy really did her part, saying to the fans that by eating this bakery's mooncakes you wouldn't get fat, so it is suitable for those on a slimming plan. It turns out that these mooncakes are made from Yin Wo (Swallow's Nest) and Fa Gau (Fish Bone) so they are low calorie and as well as using to keep fit, it will also help with beauty, genuinely a double benefit!

Although she is the spokesperson, Nancy still bought a large amount of mooncakes to give to her friends, spending several tens of thousands of dollars, so that everyone can share and enjoy them.

Also, "Gai Dai Foon Hei" (Virtues of Harmony) will be adding a further 100 episodes and Nancy is pleased that each of her sitcoms can surpass the 100 episode mark. Both sets of "Virtues of Harmony", modern and ancient totalled up will be over 500 episodes long and it is hoped that it will break the 1200+ episodes of "Chun Ching" (A Kindred Spirit). When her salary was mentioned, Nancy laughed: "To break my show quota is already a bonus, in the current market, to be given a hundred episodes has already made me very happy."

Nancy's eldest daughter is currently studying in Los Angeles, so was not affected by the blackout.


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