Sunday, August 10, 2003


Recently there seems to be a "shortage of lead artistes" at TVB and they have no choice but to utilise their newcomers in the top roles. Take the series "Lut Ching San Yan Wong" (Survivor's Law) for example, where Raymond Lam was given the lead role as an inventive, non-conformist lawyer, whose weak point was his humanity and inability to look at things from an outsider viewpoint. After the show has aired, the critics have showered him with much praise and with the fresh plots and the interaction with the female leads, the good reviews have come rolling in. Although Raymond has the nickname of "Young Master", he emphasises that he is a young master without a temper, with no complaints about his tight schedules - no wonder he is being promoted by TVB.

At 23 years of age, Raymond has been in the business for four years and in "Joi Sang Yuen" (Eternal Happiness) and "Wan Hoi Yuk Gung Yuen" (Lofty Waters Verdant Bow) he has already taken the lead, but as for modern shows, "Survivors Law" has been his first main lead role, but he says he daren't hold out much expectation from this show. He laughs: "I daren't expect too much because often it backfires, I hope that you will watch it and give me your feedback."

In the show, Raymond plays a very caring and thrifty youth who has a thick skin, although his background in real life is quite comfortable, living in the mid-levels and driving a nice car, he says he is still a very thrifty person and will not waste money needlessly. He reveals that his biggest expense every month is eating and on his appearance, luckily his accommodation and transport are supported by his family, so to be able to balance his income to his outgoings over the last few years he says he has been a good boy.

Raymond only completed one year of his university studies and has another four years of study before he can graduate, however his parents are very open-minded and have never opposed him entering showbusiness. He says: "Since I was small my upbringing has always been very strict, but the style of education was quite liberal and they never said that they wouldn't let me (enter showbiz), I feel that whilst I am young and have the opportunity, I should give it a try. After all, so many years studying is all about finding a job. Some of my friends are graduating now and cannot find jobs, whereas I am one step ahead. At first I realised that the economy wasn't that good and saw it as a gamble, but I haven't regretted it." His gamble paid off and from an unknown little kid, he has changed into TVB's heavily promoted male lead. He feels he has aged a lot in the last few years, but in some aspects, his ability to understand is much higher than many youths of his age.

In the entertainment circles, Raymond is nicknamed "young master" and even his fans refer to him by this name. When asked whether he has the temperament of a young master, he smiles and replies: "If I did, then I wouldn't have so many friends! I like my girlfriends to not be so demanding, so why would I have the temper of a young master?" So what type of girl does Raymond like? He says candidly: "I like long-haired girls, with hair down to her waist because I feel this makes her look more like a girl." There were rumours between him and Rain Li whilst filming for "Lofty Waters Verdant Bow" and Rain has the required long hair, no wonder he liked Rain! He holds up three fingers and vows: "We didn't date." Yes, we believe you!


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