Monday, August 04, 2003

Hacken Lee caused a couple of complaints to the broadcasting authorities after using some rather impolite language at Sunday's Miss Hong Kong Pageant semi-finals. However, Number 11 Rabee'a Yeung Lok Ting who he was sharing the stage with at the time says that she didn't hear him say it and she knows he was probably too excited and didn't mean anything bad by it. Previously accused of swearing in public at a charity show, Edmond Leung stood forward to support his good friend, saying he didn't find anything vulgar about what Hacken said.

When quizzed by reporters, the producer of the show indicated that after the incident, he had pointed out to Hacken that he cannot use that type of language on hte stage and he was a lot more careful after that, even correcting some of the words of another contestant later on. He believes that it was simply a slip of the tongue for Hacken and he should be forgiven for it. He has explained the situation to the production department and has looked into the relevant regulations. He also points out that those words weren't in the script. When asked whether he would reconsider using Hacken as a host in the future, the producer said: "Of course not!".

The Hong Kong broadcasting authority spokesperson Miss Au Yeung indicated that after the show, they have received two complaints about the language used by Hacken in the show and this will be investigated by their complaints department.

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