Monday, August 25, 2003

Entering the industry bearing the title of student of Tetsura Komuyo [Em's note: Famous J-pop producer - link ] it has already been two years since Sharon Chan appeared on the scene and fellow students of the same era have tried their luck in Taiwan and others have left showbiz altogether. In comparison, Sharon hasn't done too badly for herself. When asked whether she is pleased, she responds that she is pleased with her currrent situation but she believes she can do even better even though success is still very far away.

Branded as a "Pirated Kelly Chen" when she first appeared, Sharon says: "Of course I want to be like her! I hope one day I can achieve this, but for now I am concentrating on my work with television. However I hope that I will have the chance to record an album because I am very interested in singing."

In the crazy world of television series, any artiste who has been through it will know of the hardship involved, however it cannot be denied that for a newcomer, television is the best way to train acting skills. Sharon agrees and says: "I was very lucky to have entered TVB, since I entered the industry as a 'glob of rice', not knowing anything, I have changed into a person with arms and legs who can walk and run and this is all down to the training from TVB."

Also, Sharon will soon be buying an apartment for her to live with her mother and little brother, becoming a property owner. She says: "Of course there is pressure in buying a home, but ever since I was very young, I have grown up under pressure and with this target, I will work even harder."

Sharon is an ultimate "Japanese Food Fanatic" and every week, she has to go for a meal. Sharon says that the most major meal she has had was when she went on holiday to Japan because her friend took her to try all of the local Japanese cuisine: sashimi, sea urchins, sushi, ramen and snacks. She tried everything, taking six or seven meals a day, sometimes she was so full that she felt sick but she still ate more. Sharon says: "I like Japanese food because the food is cooked with such care and it looks so pretty on the plate so even before I eat it, when I see it I am so happy, so Japanese food is the number one for me."

Among Japanese foods, Sharon's favourite is Salmon Sashimi and she is quite crazy about it as she refers to herself as "Salmon Devil". Once when she was on a trip to Canada, she tried freshly caught salmon sashimi and not letting go of the good food, with her just over a hundred pound body weight she ate half a salmon, now that was quite scary. You can have too much of a good thing though and Sharon tells of how she went off it for a while after that: "It was too crazy that time and I really felt ill afterwards, probably from eating too much raw meat, it felt like I was eating human flesh so it was a long time before I started eating sashimi again."


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