Tuesday, August 19, 2003

The day before yesterday was Jessica Hsuan's 33rd birthday and although she hasn't spent the day this year with her boyfriend, her parents flew in from abroad especially to celebrate with her and look out her newly bought luxury home. Jessica also received a designer watch worth $46,500 from sponsors, with a sapphire crystal for its face and encrusted with 103 diamonds, weighing a total of 0.865 carats.

Although Jessica didn't even receive a bouquet for this year's birthday, but she was very pleased with her presents. She says she was most pleased with her mother's present, of a set of panther shaped sea-blue diamond jewellery, worth a six-figure sum for them both to use.

Jessica says she spent her birthday peacefully with a few close friends and hopes that she will find a new boyfriend in the coming year. Her birthday wish is to work hard and buy more property to rent out in preparation for her retirement. She says that her father has not hurried her to get married and is very open minded and doesn't even mind if she has children before marriage. However she does not have this intention, but is interested in sponsoring a child.


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