Sunday, August 17, 2003

Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok and Shirley Yeung were filming in the busy streets of Mongkok yesterday for TVB's "Nameless Angels 3D" and with the three girls all hailing from the Miss Hong Kong pageant, it was no surprised that their beauty was praised by the crowds, but there were some jeers at Sonija, saying that she looked like an evil concubine.

The three lead females appeared in the image of bold police officers in the streets to film a criminal chasing scene, but as soon as they stepped foot in Mongkok, they were surrounded by a crowd and there was some chaos in the streets as the passers-by shouted "Charmaine, you are very pretty!" and "Shirley and Sonija are filming!". Within a few minutes there were over a hundred people watching the filming, showing the popularity of the three artistes.

During this time, the three were filming a chase scene but because of the audience, there was some difficulty for them to weave through the people in the streets, moreover it was very noisy and this affected the filming schedule. Also, because her character in the show was injured, Shirley Yeung was wearing a plaster on her forehead and showed a wound on her neck and this misled the audience into thinking she was really injured and as they pointed and commented, this led to even more confusion and awkwardness.

As well as watching the filming, the crowd passed out their criticisms and maybe because her performances in "Where the Legend Begins" and "Perish in the Name of Love" were too convincing, but Sonija was met with some shaking of heads from some housewifes who said: "That one who looks like an evil concubine is Sonija Kwok, she is so skinny in real life!" However, maybe it was too noisy and she was concentrating on her work, but Sonija didn't seem to hear.

Later, Shirley sighed as she said: "I have filmed in Mongkok before, but it wasn't as bad as this! (The locals said you were pretty.) Really? Thank you thank you! (But they said that Sonija looked evil.) Surely not, I didn't hear anything." Shirley says she is used to filming in the crowded city streets so she doesn't feel particularly bothered.


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