Friday, August 29, 2003

As spokesperson for a hair salon, Fiona Yuen was doing a photoshoot for them and to prepare for the occasion, Fiona has been working hard on keeping fit and helping to design her new fashion look. She is pleased as she says: "This image is quite sensual as well as stylish and with one shot on a fur that reveals a bit of shoulder and is quite sexy, but luckily it just looks pretty and is a very healthy feel."

During the shoot, Fiona's sister arrived at the studio to visit and because she is also very pretty, the crew immediately asked whether she could join in! After asking Fiona's opinion, her sister agreed and afterwards, Fiona says her sister has potential. "My sister is only 18 this year, but is already 5 ft 7 tall and has a perfect model figure! (Will she enter a beauty contest?) I don't think she will! She would rather be a model and she is still studying in Germany at the moment and it is all too early to say."


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