Wednesday, August 27, 2003

(Article from Sing Pao - additional pictures from The Sun and Oriental Daily)

Yesterday, Sonija Kwok, Charmaine Sheh and Shirley Yeung were filming for "Nameless Angels 3D" on location in their swimwear and in this big comparison, Sonija outshone the others with her own bright pink bikini top and sunshine tan compared to Charmaine's pink patterned top against her lighter skin and Shirley in her two-piece and wraparound. Sonija says she hasn't really paid attention to Charmaine and Shirley's swimsuits, but their skin is a lot whiter than hers, Charmaine says that they each have their own individual beauty.

Sonija brought out her own swimsuit to steal the show and she explains this by saying that the swimsuit prepared for her by the company didn't fit her very well and the swimsuit that she wore yesterday was given to her by the company four years ago when she took part in the Miss Universe pageant and in comparison, her current figure fits it even better. When it was mentioned that she had the least cloth on her top, she says that she had already asked her mother to sew together the opening, otherwise it would be even more sexy. By adding some white shorts, it makes it look better because she doesn't need to look so sexy for a TV show. There are many firsts for her in this series such as fighting scenes and passionate scenes as she spent a whole evening filming a steamy scene with Gilbert Lam.

As the three girls filmed on location on the beach, they attracted the attentions of many swimmers and tourists, did they feel embarrassed? Sonija says that it isn't awkward at all as she has Charmaine and Shirley to keep her company. Charmaine says she felt a little uncomfortable, but the producer had discussed this with them before and in the hope to bring a little surprise to the viewers, they had arranged to appear in swimwear, Charmaine feels that if it is necessary to the storyline then she doesn't have a problem. All along, Charmaine has been quite pleased with her figure but she wouldn't respond to any questions about comparison with the other two Miss HK's as she says: "You would compare if we weren't wearing swimwear. Each has her own beauty." As for Shirley, she says: "It seems like a tour group. (Do you feel your swimsuit isn't as nice?) I am pleased with it, I don't feel that the company is being unfair."


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