Friday, August 08, 2003

[Apple Daily]

Recently there seems to be some conflict arising from the co-operation between Charmaine Sheh and Shirley Yeung, due to Shirley's inexperience in many areas, such as not treating the crew when filming out on location. Charmaine says that she believes the crew will not scold her for this, but she herself was rather put out by it on that day. Charmaine has always been followed by rumours since her appearance on the entertainment scene and the latest reports indicate that whilst filming for "Nameless Angels 3D" she has overcome her differences with former nemesis Sonija Kwok to work against newcomer Shirley Yeung. Also when Charmaine treated the crew to drinks on location, Shirley was met with comments from the crew saying: "If you don't pay then don't drink it." Met with great awkwardness, Shirley was branded as a copy of Charmaine when she first emerged, but who would have imagined that the first time the two work together they would meet with such rumours.

Yesterday, Charmaine appeared at the costume tryout for "Palatial Sins" and responding to the reports, she said at first that she wasn't there at the time, but then she asked the reporters back: "That happened? Which crew member was this?". When later, the reporters mentioned that Shirley had silently admitted that this happened and was a little upset by it, Charmaine said: "I would be angry too, with the temperatures in the thirties, I pretty much have to treat to drinks every day, but everyone should have a part, I don't think a crew member would have said that to her, I didn't hear anything. Treating drinks is not a big deal, it's not as though you are paying for a big meal, I have seen Shirley pay for drinks before."

Charmaine also refutes her disharmony with Shirley, when asked whether she though that Shirley's life experience was lacking, she said: "No, she is a clever girl and very friendly, in my eyes, she is just a little girl and very hardworking. " She continues: "Why would I want to pick on her, I need a motive first after all we are all colleagues."

When Charmaine first started acting, there were rumours that she was sworn at by a crew member for not being able to act very well and she was later labelled "Flirt queen" because of her soft voice, she probably went through some trauma at the time, but when asked whether she was picked on herself before, she adamantly denied this.


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