Saturday, August 02, 2003

Although Aaron Kwok's contract with TVB has ended and he is back to being a free agent, his relationship with TVB is still good and was still invited to perform at the latest edition of "Jade Solid Gold". However there are reports that when he was being interviewed by Cable TV, he hid the fact that he was no longer contracted. He says that his work arrangements are left to his agent and he isn't too clear about when his contracts expire.

As for whether he will renew his contract, he says that this is in the hands of his agent who will negotiate with TVB, he says that he is no longer a newcomer and mutual respect is in the heart and not necessarily needed to be laid down in the terms of a contract. If Cable ask to interview him, will he refuse? He says he will handle this carefully. With TVB asking him to perform on JSG even without being contracted, does this indicate that TVB treasure him? He emphasises that he has a great respect for TVB and they have a good relationship, no matter whether or not he signs with them in the future, this respect will be lifelong. Is he worried that his chances will be lowered in the end of year awards ceremonies if he doesn't have a contract with TVB? He says that awards achievements aren't too important to him, to do one's best is more important.


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