Tuesday, August 12, 2003

After the Real Madrid vs Hong Kong match broke records for TVB, the company has decided to continue it's winning streak by treating viewers to the the Eurasian Snooker Challenge between 21st and 26th August and the European Cup match between AC Milan and and Porto on 28th August. TVB also wants to expand its sporting offers to include Basketball and other Football matches.

To celebrate the top rating sucess, TVB held a small celebratory party yesterday with appearances from Hacken Lee, Nat Chan and Amanda Boll, this will be followed by a full scale celebration next week. Hacken says excitedly: "Beckham's attraction is just irresistable, because to get this result means that not only the usual football viewers were watching, even those who don't usually watch football tuned in. This really is a result of dreams and I am feeling a little overwhelmed because this may not happen again in my hosting lifetime. When I found out I was very happy because I can show my mum my achievements, because when I used to buy the soccer magazines, my mum used to say they were useless."

Hacken reveals that he will be leaving today to start on his American Tour with Alan Tam and along the way they will be filming for his third "Lek Yan San Sai Gei" VCD where he will be playing practical jokes on Alan and some passers-by on the streets. Alan is a little unnerved by being victimised like this for ten days. However, Hacken insists that it will not go too far, not like the exaggerated reports of sending a gorilla into Central, it will just be fun and not over the top. This time Hacken has invested a seven-figure sum into making this VCD, being the boss for the first time because he feels that the market is currently worth a try. He emphasises that there is blood and sweat in this money so he hopes that he will be able to sell the production to TVB. Will this investment affect his marriage plans? Hacken laughs: "Not at all, I haven't touched my wedding fund. I have no means of investing in movies, but I can try with VCD's and I don't intend to make a lot out of it. Making a third series is a wish between myself and Joey Leung." Hacken that TV production is rather restrictive, so making VCD's allow more freedom to produce a half hour VCD that will have the audience in fits of laughter. He hopes it will be ready for release in December.

Nat Chan happily says that ratings cannot be forced because the entertainment industry isn't like any other, so he encourages Hacken to make the most of his opportunity and continue with his highly successful concert partnership with Alan Tam.

When asked what important news he has? He says he has everything, apart from children. He also feels that in addition to talent, luck is very important as the success this time has allowed him to experience how great ratings can be found from just doing your job to your best ability and so he hopes that on the night of the Miss Hong Kong pageant on 23rd August, he will be able to reach new highs with partner Eric Tsang. Nat says that Alan Tam will not be in Hong Kong on the 23rd, so will not be able to steal his thunder; however he was a little worried when he heard he has to wear swimming trunks on the night, laughing: "People aren't there to see my appearance and figure!"


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