Monday, August 25, 2003

After news of Margaret Chung's break up with Joey Leung, although they have not admitted to getting back together again but they have shown with their actions that they are still a couple; however there have been reports that whilst Joey is on tour in the US and Canada, Vinci Wang is muscling in on her. Although Margaret insists that she and Vinci have no chances together and that she has never admitted to having a boyfriend hinting through her words that her and Joey's relationship has once again ended!

Margaret Chung appeared with Joyce Tang and Joe Ma at the blessing ceremony for "Sum Fong Sum Yuk Juk Gor Juk" (Chasing Hearts) and when asked about earlier reports showing her out with Vinci Wang and whether her boyfriend had called her about this, Margaret Chung responded quite strongly, saying: "Why do you ask this? I have never said I have a boyfriend, but as I am not married yet I am still single and I have a lot of male friends. (Have you split up with your boyfriend?) I don't want to talk about my love affairs, these few years I have had a hundredfold in pressure from my work because emotions cannot help with my work." If she make it clear, it is easy to create misunderstandings, so the reporters continue to ask if she has split up with Joey. She says: "I can't control how other people think, but at this stage we are still good friends. (Many people can't be friends after splitting up.) I rarely have enemies." Afterwards she emphasises that she has never said from her own lips that Joey was her boyfriend.

As for reports that Vinci Wong has been taking her out whilst Joey is not in Hong Kong, Margaret says: "Childish reports, they say we have got married as well! Vinci helped me out with a big favour as his father is a president of the Tung Wah Hospitals Board and when my mother had an illness, he looked after the hospital side for me and we became quite close after that." She went on to openly describe Vinci as a good person, saying: "He comes from a rich background and can get away sitting back and not doing anything, but he is very hardworking and has affected my attitude to work. His parents are not snobbish and are very nice people. Vinci is very vain so when I go shopping I will ask for his opinion and he has a lot of discount cards so when I go shopping I call him out and save some money. (With so much praise, are you not afraid your boyfriend will be jealous?) No it doesn't matter, I have a reason for praising him because I rarely praise anyone. However we are too close, so there is no chance of anything developing between us."

The lead female role in "Sum" Joyce Tang was looking rather bloodshot because she hadn't slept for two nights after rushing to finish shots that were postponed because of the rain. When asked whether she is feeling the hardships of being the number one lead role, she laughs: "I am very willing to and the harder I work, the happier I am." Because she has not even had time to go home with her work, when her beloved dog saw her returning, it was so excited that it scratched it's owners leg. When asked whether Marco had scratched her, Joyce laughs and replies: "You said it, I didn't say anything..." She reveals that this show often films on location in Sha Tau Kok, on the beach and in the rural villages and in the first two weeks, she suffered from travel sickness from getting to these far flung places and had to get the director to buy her some prunes and joked that she needed to be checked out to see if she was pregnant!!


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