Monday, August 25, 2003

After filming TVB's "Gam Pai Bing Yan" (Better Halves) Auguste Kwan has suddenly become a very busy man as he recently flew to Canada from Hong Kong before heading out to Taiwan and then onto Malaysia for a sponsorship deal from a wheatgerm company and visiting his mother and spending a few happy days with her.

Turning his career advancement to Hong Kong and having a TV series aired has noticibly raised the profile of Auguste Kwan as he has signed a few advertising deals lately after being noticed by the sponsors. Even his homeland Malaysia's IMS Enterprises has signed him to be spokesperson for their wheatgerm product as they like his non-alcohol and non-smoking healthy image a lot and company owner Yip Siu Chuen and his wife both admire the filial son that is Auguste and as they have known him for a long time, they have offered him the contract worth a six-figure sum. Earlier he has flown from Taiwan back to Malaysia to promote the slimming through vitamins product as a guest at the events where he also met with many Malaysian Government officials.

Having previously lived in Malaysia, Auguste has had to move away to further his career and doesn't get the chance to see his family much and he misses his mother the most, so this time, apart from just taking part in the promotional event, no matter how hard it was he had to go back and see his mother and even if it meant not sleeping, the mother and son would chat and catch up. Auguste reveals that his mother has been poorly recently and as he rarely has time time to be with her, then even going without sleep it is worth it.

After returning to Hong Kong, Auguste is currently discussing two films, but he still feels that television is easy to captivate the audience with so he hopes that he will make another serial with TVB. In fact he has made a series with TVB before "Better Halves" but it is yet to be aired.


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