Friday, July 18, 2003

Yesterday was the costume tryout for TVB's new show "Juk Ching Lo Por Bat Leung Fu" (Full Scale Wife 8 Ounce Husband) and the artistes present at Broadcast City included Amy Kwok, Evergreen Mak and Annie Man. The show is being led by Amy and Evergreen creating rumours that there are not enough male stars at TVB and thus giving Evergreen the chance to step up into the main starring role as it appears that the class of this show is rather weak, not quite balancing up.

Female lead star Amy laughs that her number of years is 'full scale' but her weight may not tip the scales too much so she will make up for it with her age. As for her new opposites in this show, she says that she doesn't feel it will be hard work, especially as most of the cast have been acting for many years, including Evergreen and have plenty of experience so they should be able to get some chemistry going. As for the lack of male artistes in TVB, Amy replies casually: "I wouldn't worry because there are constantly people returning. (How about your husband Sean Lau?) He still has a movie contract at the moment and although he really likes making series, he won't be doing it for the time being." Amy is returning this time on a one-off contract to make this series and arriving at the new Broadcast City for the first time, she says that the place feels somewhat strange and she almost got lost. She says: "I have taken a rest for a year, so this is a new start."

When Evergreen appeared, he was obviously fitter than before, he explained that if he failed to lose weight this time, then he would never have the chance to be first lead, so he committed himself and knocked on the door of Cheung Yuk San [Mariane's business partner], hoping they would sponsor him. He says: "If I was to do it myself it wouldn't happen so I needed to get help from someone else. The result was I managed to lose about 30 lb in the space of 6 weeks and I now weigh 163 lb." Although the pressure is on for the lead role this time, Evergreen says straight that he has to take hold of the opportunity, because he has waited for over ten years for this chance, so he had no excuse not to lose weight."

Annie Man also has a breakthrough in this show because she will be playing the baddie "Spiteful Girl" who gets her just desserts when she cannot get married. She says that she thought about copying other artistes, but she couldn't think of who had played this kind of part before so she hopes that she can create a groundbreaking spiteful woman image in this new show.


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