Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Yesterday, Louis Koo was filming his music special "Ching Yuen Ga Fe Sat" (Romance Coffee Shop) and he has invited Eason Chan, Angelica Lee and Lei Ka Yee as his guest stars. Louis says he will have to take them all to dinner to thank them, especially Eason who agreed immediately, making Louis extremely grateful.

When it was discussed about TVB's prevention of its artistes giving interviews to other TV companies, Louis says: "As well as a singer, I am also a TVB artiste and although some things are hard to avoid, I will always respect the spirit of the contract." Louis says that his contract with TVB ends this year and admits that he has still not decided anything yet, but his first choice will be to stay with TVB. Many film companies have waved for Louis' attention but he says: "It's not confirmed, I haven't made any TV series for a long time now and I would quite like to make a 20 episode series." When asked about the incident where both he and Sammi both wore black at a recent promotion for movie "Luen Sheung Nei Dik Chong" (In Love With Your Bed) and his non-contact with Cable, Louis refused to respond.

Eason will be appearing in the special as an autistic man, wearing thick glasses and mussed up hair, making him stand out a lot. As for Angelica, this is the first time she has worked with Louis and she finds him really easy going and mischievous. She points out that Louis is a renowned good looking guy but she is not worried about attracting rumours.


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