Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Yesterday, Aaron Kwok appeared at a promotional event for Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2003 yesterday together with Dodo Cheung, Lee Pang Fei JP and the twenty contestants, who met the judges for the first time. Other judges will include legislative councillor Ding Ng Sau and famous Japanese violinist Soko Nisizaki. In order to leave the judges with a good impression the girls toned down their behaviour and as well as being tested on their lingual and elocution skills, they also had to parade in their swimwear for the judges to clearly assess them. All the judges agreed that there is no unfairness in the competition.

It turns out that number 11 Yeung Lok Ting has been a giant Aaron Fan since she was in high school and to be able to get so close to her idol made her very excited as she wore a beaming smile on her face. As Miss Hong Kong judge for the first time, when Aaron found out that Yeung Lok Ting was a fan of his, he said: "To have someone like me, I am obviously happy but I will not give her high marks just because of this." When reporters asked Aaron to have a photo taken with her, he wasn't as friendly to her as he usually is to his fans and didn't look directly at her. He explained: "I didn't put my hand on her shoulder or look at her directly because I didn't want anyone to say that I am being biased towards her."

When Dodo was asked whether she spotted the 34D breasts of number 7 Wong Chung Hei, she replied: "I saw her when she walked towards me, they really are very eyecatching." With the recent rumours about the shady side of beauty contests, did TVB select her to be a judge because of her fair and just image? She said: "I don't know! TVB had already approached me a month ago."

Also, the contests Deputy Production Manager Rosa Chan poinsted out that she contacted Miss Pak about her comments and said: "Miss Pak says that the contestant she mentioned on that day turned down the executive's offer anyway, but the reports in the papers changed my meaning altogether."


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