Monday, July 14, 2003

With very little in the way of rumours all along, Anne Heung has been working a lot with Marco Ngai recently and is becoming quite friendly with him, sometimes playing so hard that she loses control and some rumours have arisen because of the presence of Marco's girlfriend, Joyce Tang.

Yesterday, whilst filming at Tseung Kwan O TV Broadcast City, Anne laughed: "I was working with Marco the other night and I told him to stay away and made sure that we weren't too crazy, but in fact it is them two who is playing too hard. Joyce called me this morning to apologise, saying that she was just joking and there are no hard feelings, she even told me to help hit Marco harder for her to get her own back."

In reality, Anne and Joyce are great friends and she knows that Joyce won't be mad at her, but for Joyce's peace of mind, she points out: "I wouldn't think of Marco as anything more than a friend as he isn't the type of guy I would fall for and anyway I don't like being scolded so I would never be the third party."


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