Friday, July 25, 2003

With regards to recent reports that Steven Ma's "New Princess Flower" album may be faced with a legal case, the Managing Director of Steven's record company, Chan Ho Yuen made the following statement: "Before and after we made 'New Princess Flower', we have been in contact with Hong Kong's composer and lyricist association (CASH) and they have confirmed that the score to "Dai Nui Fong Wan" and "Ying Chor" are traditional tunes and are therefore not governed subject to any copyright regulations and there is no problem."

Mr Chan mentioned that the lyrics were written by their lyricist Shum Wai Chung and they were rewritten completely for this album. After their completion they were also checked through with a lawyer who compared them with the words written by Cantonese Opera composer Tong Dik Sang in the original "Princess Flower" and it was proven that the lyrics to the two new songs have no trace of plagiarism or infringe on any copyright matters.

Also, Mr Chan went on to mention that out of respect for Mr Tong's original creations, they intentionally promoted the new album as "Steven Ma's New Princess Flower Collection" to avoid any confusion.


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