Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Winnie Yeung appeared at a promotional event for a famous French brand in beauty products yesterday together with many other beautiful girls such as Catherine Hung, Sze Nim Chi, Patricia Liu and Annabelle Lau. Winnie was named "Goddess of Perfection" and wearing a low cut dress immediately showed off her Latin dancing. She indicated that she is not the company spokesperson but she has always used this product brand. She seems to have more work after her marriage, she laughs: "I think so too, everything is so much smoother, the fortune teller did say that my husband and I will bring luck to each other."

After her marriage, Winnie seems to be beaming and she laughs that she can now concentrate on her work and not have to worry about not being able to get married. As for the title of "Goddess of Perfection" she says: "I don't think that being sexy is all about wearing less clothing, it's all about sensuality." When asked whether she has to pass it by her husband if she dresses sexily, she says that her husband will not mind, as long as she is pretty and comfortable, however she does admit that in her sexy outfit yesterday, she did feel rather awkward.

Earlier, Winnie had to interview Liverpool football superstar Michael Owen for a sports programme, she laughs that she even asked him for an autograph. She says: "I found him really good looking and really nice, he answered my questions with a great sincerity and will not simply humour you with his answers." She laughs that when her husband found out she was interviewing Owen, he was more excited than she was and was constantly reminding her to get his autograph for him. David Beckham will soon be arriving in Hong Kong and Winnie wishes she could meet him too, but she will be working in Malaysia so she won't have the chance this time.


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