Monday, July 28, 2003

Victoria Jolly was filming for TVB's new show in a windsurfing shot on Sai Kung's beaches together with Mok Ka Yiu and Wong Yu Si. Victoria says she does not know how to windsurf as she has only tried it once before in Thailand; however she really loves the deep sea activities, especially diving because she can see all the wildlife on the sea bed and she thinks it is all very beautiful.

Seeing that she has a little fake butterfly tattoo on her waist, Victoria was asked whether she would really have a tattoo done. She says: "No, because my dad won't let me, and also the things that society likes change so quickly and after it has been done then you can't keep changing it. I know that some fake tattoos can be kept for as long as a month, but when I try I can only keep it for about four days, probably because I am always going swimming."

Victoria says that she rarely goes out to see nowadays because each time will take at least a day and she is too busy with filming to have the time, so she would rather spend her spare time sleeping after entering showbiz. She also points out that she is now used to working day and night and sometimes sleeping in the car for 15 minutes is enough.


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