Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Victoria Jolly, Sharon Chan, Amelia Shui and Wong Yuek Tung were among those former Miss HK contestants who took part in a promotion for TVB Pearl's "Summer Hunt" programme. However all the girls were well covered up, each wearing a two-piece swimsuit with a tee-shirt over it, not revealing their beauty at its best. They split into two teams to play pool volleyball with Victoria Jolly, Cathy Tsui and Amanda Bill losing. As the host of the show, Sammul Chan instructed the losing team to take off their tee-shirts as a forfeit. However the three girls pretended not to hear him and ran away to get changed. Victoria says that she didn't hear what Sammul said and she didn't mind taking off her t-shirt because she had a swimsuit underneath.

When Victoria was asked why she didn't appear in a bikini she said: "Because I knew we had to do some sports activities today, so it wasn't really practical, having to watch out for myself all the time." Is it because her boyfriend doesn't like it? Victoria continues: "No, Dad and Mum buy me bikini's to wear and usually I wear a bikini to go swimming in. (Do people stare at you when you're wearing a bikini swimming?) No, because everyone is wearing them when they're swimming."

It turns out that yesterday was Amelia Shui's 26th birthday and she says she will be going out for dinner to celebrate with her family. When asked if she would be going out for dinner with her boyfriend, she says she does not have a boyfriend yet. (Does she have anyone in mind?) Amelia immediately turned a little red-faced and replied awkwardly: "Not yet, not yet. (Do you want to get a present from someone you like?) I don't know! As long as the thought is there, any present is nice."


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