Sunday, July 20, 2003

(Uncle Chi takes soup for his son and wife. Chan Man Yee and Lok Jai when he was born.)

Liu Kai Chi and Chan Man Yee have had some peaceful days with their family of five, but ten days ago, youngest son Lok Jai refused to walk or move and seemed to have a problem with his legs. Also he had red spots all over his body, so the doctor took some blood for tests and confirmed that he had "Lumbar White Cell Disease". Lok Jai now faces two years of treatment, starting with chemotherapy and his condition is stable, with Man Yee spending 24 hours a day with him.

Uncle Chi is currently finishing his filming on "Fan Li Fa" and yesterday he went to visit his son at Shatin's Prince of Wales Hospital. When he saw the reporters, not only did he not seem to mind, he also turned and said: "Sorry for making you all wait!" before very willingly telling about his son's condition. Uncle Chi said: "The treatment has only just begun and there will be ups and downs over the next two years, I just hope the kid can adapt! However his memory is very good and he is quite sensitive, but he has never taken any medication all his life, so it is a blessing that he can take it now."

When Uncle Chi was asked whether he wanted to make an appeal for bone marrow to help Lok Jai, he said: "His own bone marrow and the medication should be enough to fight the cancer cells, all the hospitals in Hong Kong are internationally recognised for this treatment so with mediacation and chemotherapy, the chances of recovery are about 70%." Because the chemotherapy treatment will affect the patient's appetite, then whenever Lok Jai wants to eat, they will give him what he wants. The child is not yet aware of what is happening and as long as his parents are there then he is happy. It is unknown whether an operation will be needed in the future.

As for whether Man Yee's emotions have settled, Uncle Chi says: "Of course she is unhappy and everyone will feel very depressed about it, but it shouldn't be like this for very long. If my son has to go to heaven, then of course we will be upset, but if this is the way it must be, we can only accept it." Uncle Chi admits that he especially loves Lok Jai because he is very active and is always running and jumping around, but he still loves his big brothers.

Three years ago when Man Yee was giving birth to Lok Jai, she described the experience as a brush with death, because of bleeding before the birth. Luckily she listened to the doctors and was admitted to hospital early to save the baby from danger. Uncle Chi remembers that he had an important experience when Lok Jai was born: "That experience was like doing homework before God. This time we are both praying and offering support, praying that the lord will lead us. It is because that we are Christians that we will not fall. All we ask from those friends who care for us is to give us moral support."


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