Sunday, July 13, 2003

The Twenty Miss Hong Kong contestants, joining in Po Leung Kuk activity in the morning and then heading to Shatin for more work in the afternoon. Bringing themselves closer to the public is a great chance to test their affinity with the viewers. Earlier whilst filming in Thailand, number 11 Yeung Lok Ting has already been awarded the "Ambassador of Travel Award" but her attraction to the viewers is just as strong as many viewers asked for her autograph and continually telling her how pretty she is, stealing the limelight of the other contestants. With everyone so supportive, of course she will fulfil their wishes and sign autographs until her arm aches!

Also, with recent reports that number 7 Wong Chung Hei has been boycotted by the other contestants and is always bending down to catch the attentions of the camera, she refutes this, saying that she is very friendly with the other contestants and she is already well known enough so she doesn't need to create more news. As for reports that number 10 Tam Ching Man is always elbowing Wong Chung Hei to keep her away, she also denies this, saying: "After going to Thailand we have all become friends, as we are in the same group we have to unite even though am not the friendliest with her, my best friends are number 9 and number 11."

(report summarised)


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