Monday, July 14, 2003

Twenty Miss Hong Kong contestants filmed their theme video on Tung Ping Chau and Tap Mun yesterday, splitting into groups displaying skills in song, dance, drama and martial arts. The travel agency had arranged two tour groups consisting of around 70 people to go with them to the islands, each paying $159 for the sightseeing and photo opportunity with the girls, who worked hard filming as well as being tour guides!

In the intense heat, the girls worked very hard in the direct sunlight as they sung and danced, among them Number 2 Cho Man Li and Number 4 Ng Dan Ki suffered from heat stroke, feeling faint and nauseous. The crew gave them water to drink and they were okay. Cho Man Li says that the sun was very strong and she usually doesn't sunbathe much so she couldn't bear it. As for Ng Dan Ki, she denied suffering from heat stroke to the reporters at first, but later admitted it, saying that the sun was too strong and she has now had something to eat and drink.

(report summarised)


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